Blanchard Sunflower Project

Did you receive a packet of sunflower seeds at Blanchard Memorial?

Here are simple directions to grow your sunflowers, and if you prefer to start growing your seedlings indoors, Renee’s Seeds has lots of tips to get your sunflowers ready for the garden.

If your sunflowers don’t grow, and you need extra seeds, contact us and we can replace them!

The variety of sunflower seeds you have been given (called ‘Lemon Queen’) were donated so that, if you’d like to, you can join a nation-wide ‘citizen scientist’ program called The Great Sunflower Project.

This is an effort to do a census, or population count, of pollinating insects – like honey bees – all over the country. By spending just 5 minutes observing any bees or insects that come to visit your sunflowers this summer, you can be part of this special science project, and add your data to the map. Lots more details (and a video) are here, and your parents can help you!